Capilar Microtransplants

The Micrografts Technique Hair Restoration Transplant is a new surgical technique option that reverts, in a natural way, the baldness in males as in females.

This technique was used for the first time by my master, Dr. Carlos Oscar Uebel, en Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, resulting in a connoted advance in the sugical treatment of baldness, where the Mega Sessions modality with micro grafts, has a world-wide recognition.

Dr. Federico Emilio Olivo Pacheco is the first specilized Dermatólogist in this tecnique, in Santiago and gives consults and makes interventions at the Corominas Clinic.

The Capillary Micro-transplant gives a very natural and aestheticly nice result, very elegant for men as for women. No matter the age, young and advanced age people are beneficiaries of this technique. This procedure is ambulatory, made with local anesthesia and the subject can go back to his daily activities two day after the intervention. The donor zone (occipital) has the best genetic quality, inmune to hereditary defects, hormonal action, age,among others agents that contribute with hair loss.

The hair start growing 3 to 4 months after, and the definitive result will be after 10 months in the man and after 15 months in the woman.

Mega conducted sessions (we're the only ones who actually do this at home) and realized trichophytic suture.

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